Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

I started with what Google recommends.

Too many options

One of the main reasons I decided to teach myself to code is to be able to create well crafted, functional websites that have an impactful online presence.

After scanning through a plethora of course options online, many of which have excellent ratings, I found it quite hard to pick one to start with.

Starting with HTML

Since one of the best ways to develop an online presence is to follow Google's best practices, I decided to narrow down my options to courses that :

  1. Cover the HTML relevant criteria that Google lays out in its web developers guide :

    • Semantic HTML - The proper use of tags and attributes that describe the content on the website.
    • Media Elements - Audio and video tags and attributes.
    • Accessibility - ARIA labels and Relationships
  2. Are structured as a learning path. I feel it would be more efficient to select a course that is segmented in a manner that goes beyond just a general overview of commonly used elements and deep dives into individual topics - Metadata, Forms, Semantics, Performance, etc.

This would be much more efficient than me trying to piece together material from all over the internet and also help me make incremental improvements by focusing on one topic each day.

So far, I have it narrowed down to LinkedIn Learning and Treehouse.

Resources :

Mozilla has a section explaining Semantics in HTML here.

Google's Web Fundamentals Guide and SEO documentation