Hello World!

Hello World!

Daily incremental improvements in 2022

I'm starting this blog to document my journey towards making 2022 a year of incremental improvements. Here are the milestones I wish to check off my ever expanding ToDo list this year :

Goal #1. Build a strong foundational understanding of the fundamentals of Front-End web development.

Google is great at finding ways to hack together a somewhat functional webpage, but all my endeavors so far have been a frustrating experience when it comes to things like content alignment, responsive rendering, etc. Learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a structured, incremental manner so I avoid burnout, is my first goal for 2022.

Goal #2. Improve my writing skills.

Posting daily updates and writing short how-to articles, as I practice the fundaments of web development on this blog, I hope will teach me to keep my content to the point, improve my writing style and help me achieve goal #2.

Goal #3. Learn CAD modeling for 3D printing.

3D printing is something I have been fascinated by for a couple of years now. I plan to start with Luban, since it ships with my 3D printer and eventually move up to learning a parametric CAD program. Being able to print functional spare parts that I would need around the house will be the skill level I'll work towards.